Daisy May Queen of Tyner  

Daisy was bred twice, producing Lilly and Melody.
Daisy was the first Dane I took in to competition ( and we failed miserably, but learned a great deal trying!)
Daisy was my first CHIC Great Dane.  Daisy now lives with Lauren and Family in TX.
Born 5/9/1998

 Daisy at 9 years old. 
Here is what her owners have to say:
 "Thought I'd send you a quick update and pic of the great Daisy, She is doing very well, I don't want to jinx us by saying so but she is in great shape and active as ever.
She is great friends with our retriever Wiggums and yesterday she spent most of the day enjoying the weather while rolling around on her back besides that she's usually found on the couch or in the kitchen acting as if she's starving to death..actually she acts like that ALL the time she only likes to eat her main meals on the outside patio as well so every time she's hungry(every 10 minutes) she runs to nudge the doorknob REPEATEDLY..anyways just wanted to let you know she was still doing very well and we love her to pieces, we're thinking of possibly adding another dane in the future, my husband saw a couple rescues this past week and I'm sure Daisy and Wiggums would welcome them in just fine. Hope you and your family are doing well!!"


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