TTS Great Danes
Pembroke Welsh Corgis

This is how we post our ears, there are MANY different ways to post.  This works for us. If you have any doubt of your ability to do this, please contact your local Vet and they should be able to perform the rolling for you ( for a price).

Rules:  If you are not willing to roll your dogs ears twice daily every day for 6 months: DO NOT CROP !  I have had dogs that no matter how well you rolled the ears they came down, then I had to roll them over and over and over ( you get the point) If you give up: they will never stand: then why have them done?

 NEVER leave your growing dogs ears up too long.
Well what is too long?  Truthfully in danes I believe more then 4-6 days is as long as they can stay up.  
WHY?  Because they are growing.  They grow so fast the tape gets tight cutting the circulation off.  

Always use appropriate sized rolls.

Always use the recommended tape

NEVER apply any pressure when applying the tape, LAY it on.

If they get wet: take them down.

Do not leave ears in a position you do not want them in.

If the rolls come off, part way down, or you thought you were done and now they are doing silly things like falling, bending, flipping over the head:
The longer you wait, the worse it will be.  Getting them back in the position you would like them to be in is the most important thing.

If they stand ONCE they will stand. You just need to give them time.

If you roll them too tight: they will fall off.  ( no joke!)

Supplies needed:

Bandage scissors are recommended for taking down the ears, they have a blunt tip and will HELP from cutting the ear it self.  PLEASE go slow, have a partner, and have patience.

JJ Coach Tape.  It is 1 1/2 inches wide, can be found at Walmart, and most other band aid isles.

Pipe insulation.  This is the foam, hollow pipe insulation used on out door pipe.  We prefer the smallest diameter we can find.
Cutting the roll:

You will want to cut a piece of foam that is approximately 8 inches.  The cut it in half along the LENGTH : so you have two 8 inch strips.   Both of these strips now need to be cut to fit the ear, we use the width of the base ( bottom) of the ear as our gage.

cut foam

Now that you have your two pieces you need to get your tape.  
You will then wrap one end of the roll tight and forward, making the foam in too a round shape.
Once you have done this you will reverse your tape ( sticky side out) and finish the roll to the other end.


Once you have both ear rolls completed you will need your helper ( in my case it was my 7 year old daughter) your dog, and all of your supplies.

Rip off a piece of tape about 12 inches, rip down the middle and set aside, this is how you will attach the roll.

You will now place the roll in the ear, make sure it extends in to the ear.  You will not hurt your dog pushing it in there, but it you do not get it in deep enough you will be starting over when we are done.

Once the roll is down in the ear, pull up on the rest of the ear, laying it straight and flat up against the roll.

roll 2

Once you have the ear straight you will start at the bottom with your tape.  I place the tape on the roll fist, then LAY it around the ear, gently folding the ear around the roll as I am taping the ear.  Cut you tape.
roll 2
As you move up the ear, make sure the ear does not slide down, or the roll it self slide up.

roll 4
I usually use 3 pieces, one at the base, one in the middle and one right below the tip.  REMEMBER:  is the tape gets tight there is no circulation.
Once you have wrapped the ear you will need to trim the top piece.


Make sure you can easily see were the tip of the ear is: your pup will not like it if you cut the tip!

Now you do the other ear the same.

When you are done you need to make a cross piece.  This makes the ears stay up straight were you want them to be.

Just remember to not tighten the tape, and to make the ears even with the head when you set your cross piece.

Now Give your pup a treat!