Report Date: 07/26/2007

Progeny Report
CH Sharcon's Tomahawk

Reg Name: CH Sharcon's Tomahawk
Reg #: WR038506/02 Breed/Variety: Great Dane
Birth Date: 07/14/2001 Sex: Male

Name Reg Number Date of Birth Gender
Dam Name: CH Midnite Run-Wiedanes Tatum WP928574/02 06/07/1999

CH Wiedanes Toohot Tohandle SVF
WS036592/06 04/06/2003 Female
CH Wiedanes Tootsies Orchid Lounge
WS036592/09 04/06/2003 Female
Dam Name: CH Akamine Angel Eyes V Bgdawgs WP980358/01 05/30/2000

CH Bgdawgs Tomahawk Chop
WS073257/01 02/16/2004 Male
Dam Name: Rhodesend Chance Of A Storm WR012288/03 12/25/2000

CH Rhodesends Sharcon's Why Not
WS121083/01 02/25/2005 Male
Dam Name: CH Brana's Obsydyan Butterfly WR013864/09 02/03/2001

CH Giddys Barque In The Harbour RN
WS072196/03 12/30/2003 Male
Giddys Claras Angel Eyes CD
WS072196/04 12/30/2003 Female
Dam Name: CH Thor-Kourt's Kloudia Talestz WR010789/01 02/02/2001

CH Thor-Kourt Tiago Tomikloudia
WS142015/02 03/17/2005 Male
Dam Name: CH Eio Danes Talia V Longo WR025426/16 04/18/2001

CH Eio Leedane Jl Liam Vantaylr
WS034029/01 03/07/2003 Male
CH Eio Danes Taramia V Sharcon
WS034029/02 03/07/2003 Female
Dam Name: CH Longo's Brown Sugar WR028995/01 04/13/2001

CH Longo's Braveheart
WS055097/02 06/29/2003 Male
CH Longo's Cosmo Noble Legacy RN
WS055097/03 06/29/2003 Male
CH Longo's Million Dollar Tango CD RN
WS055097/06 06/29/2003 Male

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