TTS Harlequin and Mantle Color breedings to date
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Retired dogs:

Date Born: October 5th 2002
Daisy and Linus (our 2nd breeding)
10 puppies

I originally held back 2 puppies from this litter. Deacon and Melody.  As time went on I decided to place Deacon  ( who was pointed) and we never did show Melody because of the amount of white.  This was Daisy's 2nd and last breeding.
Daisy May Queen Of Tyner (Daisy)
Daisy was Breed twice, she is several generations BlackXBlack and we decided to split the breeding, one blue breeding with blue lines and one Black breeding out of Harlequin lines.  Daisy is OFA good, Thyroid, Heart and Eyes Clear.  She is our first CHIC dane.    Daisy died 10/15/2008 from a thrombosis.  Daisy never had health problems and lived to 10 years 5 months of age.

Daisy at 3 years old and at 9 years old
Black Great Dane DaisyBlack Great Dane Daisy at 9 years old
CCHIC #18758
  Mantle Great Dane Linus
OFA Link
Tyners That lov'n Feeling (Melody)

October 6th, 2004 --1st litter Melody X Evan (1 puppy-Mick)
June 21 2005--2nd breeding Melody X Gus (5 puppies)
Feb 18 2007--3rd and final breeding Melody X Jag (10 puppies)
In 2007 Melody was spayed and currently lives with the same family that owned her mother.
Tyners That Lov'n Feeling
  Black great Dane Melody
  OFA Link
Melody and Evan's litter produced one puppy. . .Yep just one.  We were extremely fortunate to have gotten exactly what I wanted. . .a show marked harlequin male.  Mick.

CH BMW Royale's Summer Ecstasy
WP724801/08 03-01
AKC DNA #V50586
This litter was done for a couple of reasons.  At this time I had also brought in Cowgirl (mantle female) and Gus is her litter brother.   #1 I needed to prove that Melody could carry a normal litter before breeding her again using frozen or even fresh chilled semen. . .and #2 this litter gave me Jane. . .and that gave me a girl to line breed with.



Melody's final breeding was with Jag.
This litter was a bit of a disaster.  First off. . we bred her the first time and it did not take.  We repeated the litter and this time got 10 puppies.  When they were 3 weeks old Melody flipped an xpen on top of the puppies. . .breaking 3 puppies legs in the process.  One of those pups did not heal well and unfortunately had to me amputated.  I held back Goose (3 legged boy) and Jet.  Jet has been shown limited, her ear never came up and she is marked much like Melody.   Charlie ( harl male) ended up coming back to me and I decided that he was a better dog them Goose and neutered  and placed him.   Charlie is currently being shown and Jet is OFA clear and will be bred in 2010.
  CH Sasdania's Wing Commander
 (BISS Am/Can CH Sasdania's The Navigator X Rodania's Ms Camelot)

Tyners Wana Be A Cowgirl CGC (Ptd)

In 2003 we brought in our first mantle. 
Cowgirl is from DOC danes and is the sister to Jane's sire (Gus) .
We showed Cowgirl limited and she did point. 
This was also right about the time I had James so I was not showing much.
Cowgirl was bred 4 times.  3 times to Mick and once to Jag
1/12/2006  1st litter produced 4 mantle puppies --Lucian was held back and later neutered
10/15/2006  2nd litter produced 2 mantle males --Penguin was held back and is currently showing
4/18/2007  3rd time: FINALLY some color!  6 puppies--2 puppies were placed in show homes, the harlequin female was later spayed and the mantle female is currently showing.
2/5/2008  Final breeding was to Jag ( CH Sasdania's Wing Commander--pictured above)  5 puppies.  This litter produced 2 pups with Mega Esophagus.  2 were placed in pet homes and the third (mantle female Marley) is Currently growing up.

  TTS Step'n Stone V Royale
  OFA info
Pedigree info
First breeding we did with Mick we held back a male named Lucian.  He was a wonderfully marked Mantle male that was built well and moved nicely.  When he was about 9 months old his bite went level. . .by the time he was a year it was an under bite.  SO we neutered and placed him in a pet home.  We repeated the litter hoping for another male mantle and HOPEFULLY a Harlequin girl.  We did get our males but not our girls.  We held back the best male (Penguin) and repeated the litter one more time.  This time we got 6 pups.  2 harlequins, one merle and the rest were mantle.  Cheyenne and Prophecy were placed in show homes, Cheyenne was later spayed due to negligence in a boarding facility, Prophecy is currently showing. 

In 2008 Cowgirl was spayed.  She currently lives in Galviston. 
TTS Doc's Dark River
River was our 2nd mantle to come from DOC Danes.  She was perfectly marked and well built.  We only bred her once before spaying and placing her.  The one litter was to Mick and she produced a litter of 11 puppies.  Though I was happy with the litter it did have it's problems. 7 out of the 11 pups had Demodectic mange.  I have held back 2 dogs from this litter, both were not effected.  (Originally 4. . . 2 were affected and were spayed and placed) One is Jagger and the other is Taylor.  Size is another issue, something I did not see in Cowgirls litters.  

TTS Doc's Dark River "River"
OFA link
Mantle Great Dane River
Extended  Pedigree

Currently in our program:

TTS My Addiction V Doc
Jane is from my Melody and Gus breeding.
Jane's first breeding was to Penguin
8/6/2008 She had 6 puppies, 4 harlequins, 2 mantles.  Both Harlequin females are growing for show and so is the show marked mantle male.  This is our first line breeding on our own stuff. . .I am so tickled with this breeding and could not have asked for more. 

TTS My Addiction V Doc
(DOC RUTH'S LEGACY OF CAMCO  X Tyners That Lov'n Feeling)
Harlequin Great Dane


TTS Moonlit Cold As Ice "Penguin"
(TTS Step'n Stone V Royale X Tyners Wana Be A Cowgirl CGC)

Penguin 2 years

TTS  Black Phantom
(CH Sasdania's Wing CommanderX Tyners That Lov'n Feeling)

Jets first breeding did not go as planned. . . it was planned for 2009. . . but happened in 2008 . . . OPPPP's. . . Jagger had other ideas. . .
Jet X Jagger
We had a litter of 8 puppies, good color and nice size on them.  All were placed in pet homes and we are watching them grow to decided if we would repeat the litter or not.
Jet's 2nd breeding is planned for Late 2009. . .it will likely be to Sonny.
TTS  Black Phantom
(CH Sasdania's Wing CommanderX Tyners That Lov'n Feeling)

Black Great Dane Jet
Jet's Fist litter was to Jagger.  This litter produced 8 puppies.   Over all I am happy with the litter, just not the timing. 

TTS Under My Thumb

OFA Heart, Thyroid, PENNHIP and CERF Clear
Jagger 18 months
2nd litter planned for Late 2009/early 2010.

Tts We Can Be Hero's V Hymil

In 2007 we brought Claire home. 
Claire is the Daughter of Hymils Mimosa AND the Half sister to the first harl bred sire we used (Linus)
Her first breeding has been completed and is due 2/11/2009
Combined Pedigree can be seen here: PENGUINXCLAIRE

TTS We Can Be Hero's V Hymil

Harlequin Great Dane Claire
TTS Moonlit Cold As Ice "Penguin"
(TTS Step'n Stone V Royale X Tyners Wana Be A Cowgirl CGC)
Penguin 2 years

TTS Brown Eyed Girl
(TTS Step'n Stone V Royal X TTS Doc's Dark River)

Taylor is a Mantle girl we held back from River's only breeding. 
We have a total of 3 breedings planned with Taylor. 
One to Penguin, One to Charlie and One to Sonny.

Mantle Great Dane Taylor

Highland's TTS Ditta Von Tease

In 2008 We brought in Ditta from Highland Great Danes.
Ditta is growing and will be shown in 2009. No breedings planned anytime soon :)

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