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We strive to breed the best Great Danes possible.
We urge you to do your research and learn all you can about this wonderful breed prior to purchasing your puppy.
While no Great Dane is perfect, we are trying :)
We take our breeding VERY seriously.
We often have breedings planned YEARS in advance.

We have been Micro chipping ALL of our dogs and puppies since our VERY FIRST breeding.
We have been health testing our dogs since our VERY FIRST BREEDING, please visit our "About US " link for more info.

OUR Blue/Black Breedings to date
OUR Harlequin and Mantle Breedings to date
Our Fawn/Brindle breedings to date (Link coming soon)

Where does all the money go?

Here is an interesting link on our perspective of breeding

Prior to breeding health tests have been completed , pedigree's have been analyzed and many different points have been considered before we make our decisions. We search throughout the US looking for the perfect combination or pedigree, breed type and temperament.
We ALWAYS breed with the plan to hold a puppy back to show or for competition.
ALL of our dogs have had obedience training and have been raised with our family.

All of our puppies are raised in our home.
Potty training starts at 4 weeks of age. Socialization starts at birth.

We require you to keep in contact with us, send pictures, be active in your danes life and have your Great dane be a member of your family.

Prices are baced on color, corectness and pedigree.

Cropping and Shipping is NOT included  

Shipping is $400 MOST TIMES, this includes flight,  Crate, mandatory health papers and   travel to the airport.

 Here are a couple of links on Cropping:

Ear Rolling

We stand behind our Dogs 100%.
We can provide excellent references ( multiple) and will do anything we can for a dane in need.
We have followed the GDCA guide lines for raising and breeding our dogs. Our puppies are  released between 7 and  8 weeks of age. We perform a comprehensive personality evaluation on all of our litters.
They are evaluated for conformation also. You will receive a WRITTEN comprehensive guaranty.
Please email us if you would like a copy to review.

Prior to being considered we ask that you will and return our application. 
Here is the link to our application

There is a  $200 deposit to be placed on our list. 
We will require a written statement of color and sex preference INCLUDING any other  preference.  
Once the litter is born and has reached 7 days old we will require that 50%
of purchase price be sent in with the remainder due at 6 weeks by check or 8 weeks by cash.
 Your deposit is nonrefundable UNLESS we change our mind due to reference results or other information we may obtain. 
If the color or sex of the puppy is not available the deposit will roll over to the next planned litter of the same color. 

Going Home:
 Upon release All of our puppies are up to date on vaccinations and worming. This includes heart worm prevention and intestinal worming.
Dew claws have been removed by 5 days of age.

You will receive a comprehensive guide, including feeding instructions, breed information, vaccine and worming info. Copies of all health tests completed on the parents. A sample of puppy food will be provided.

We also offer life time support like no other.
We will aid in training and raising of your dane FOR LIFE.
We run an on line private dane group with TONS of information and a support group like no other.
ALL of our danes are AKC registered.
Papers are provided upon release.

You will receive a written guaranty at the time of placement.
We guaranty against all proven inherited Great Dane health problems.

All pet puppies are placed on AKC limited registration. THIS MEANS THEY CAN NOT BE BRED. ALL limited puppies are co-owned until they are spayed or neutered. NO EXCEPTIONS. Once proof of this has been provided we are more then happy to sign off the papers.
All puppies that are released on full registration are co-owned until they are health tested, passed and any other contractual agreement has been completed THIS MAY INCLUDE a minimum of 20  (or  TEN 2 day show week ends or any combination there of) shows entered and participated in by 2.5 years of age. 

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