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TTS Great Danes

As part of my ever expanding search engine and information series we have purchased many domain names. 
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our websight or our Domain names.

Contents of TTS Web pages including pictures, articles and graphics are the exclusive property of TTS Great Danes,
please ask permission prior to stealing our content. 
We do not use ANY stock photo's. . .
ALL pictures on our websight are of OUR dogs that WE have bred, owned, bred to OR are in our pedigree's.
ALL graphics used that are not CREDITED to another artist ARE OUR OWN
 AGAIN . . .not STOCK and using them is THEFT.
 We hold the Copyright  on our material and we are not afraid to prosecute.

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Lazy Dane

WARNING: Not all veterinarians are created equal.  Please look for a veterinarian that has had experience with GIANT breed dogs.   It has been our experience that too many have little knowledge of individual breed problems (any breed) and if you believe you need a 2nd opinion:  GET ONE.
 Please do not wait, all animals hide there illness from us until they no longer can.  They are usually far more ill then they look , delaying treatment may cause death. 

: This WEB SITE is owned and maintained by TTS Great Danes.  We strive to display correct & up to date information.   We are human and do make mistakes.  Please feel free to contact us if you believe we  have made an error.    Our pages and information are based on our experience,  OUR opinions and information obtained from OUR research , other breeders experience and OUR own Veterinarians.
Please remember: Links and information ANYWHERE on "the web" can be uploaded with any information anyone wants to write.  Any article can be published and there are plenty of opinions out there.  
If it is too good to be true: it is.  
If it is crazy and outlandish- stay away from it.
   Please do your research before purchasing a Great Dane