Where does all the money go?

Bet you are thinking it. . . even if you can't bring yourself to ask. . .
Some people think that you can "make a ton of money" breeding. . . not if it is done correctly. 
We spend FAR MORE on our dogs then we make. 
We do with out quite a bit in order to pursue our passion.
We do not have a fancy house
( not unless you think a drafty 90 year old farm house is one. . )
We don't go on Cruises ( vacations are trips to dog shows)
No maids for me. . .I am the maid. . .

Here is a quick break down  of our 2008 expenditures

Well they HAVE to eat
Each Great Dane on average eats $750 worth of food a year.

Vaccines and other incidentals ( Heart Worm meds, Oral Wormer, Flea prevention) PER DOG, PER YEAR: $350

THIS is with out ANY vet visits
$1100 per Great Dane Per Year  
 2008= 12 danes= $13,200

Average costs  of health tests (combined) : $4800

Shows. . .
Average show is $100 per day. . .(2-3 entries per show we go to)
Average amount of weekends showing = 28
average 2 days per show: 2800X2=$5600

Average gas ( though not in 2008) 30-60 per show week end

1/2 of the shows require a hotel, per day rate between 55 and 125
$3080 ( at the low rate of 55 per day. . .  )


Total so far: $28,360
OTHER things:
Blankets: $300 per year
Show "stuff" : $500 per year
Handling fee's : $6000
Rescues: in 2008  OVER $4500 spent on rescues
Win Photos' ( average 1 per month ) $45X12= $540
Bought a new building for the kennel, $3200
Bought $700 in fencing
Grand total of: $15,740

Feeding, Shows and OTHER THINGS= $44,100

Costs of EACH litter:
Average Stud Fee is between $1200-1600
This year we used 2 outside males combined cost of $2800
Each litter from 4 weeks on eats a bag a week ( average) of puppy food, we worked it out to $210 until they are 8 weeks ( $840)
We had 4 litters in 2008, litter of 3, litter of 8, litter of 8, litter of 6. 
One of those litters was split with the whelper. 
3 puppies were held back, we paid for 5 ear trims at $360 each. Ear trims: $1800
Average cost of puppies $900
Brought in 3 dogs with combined cost of: $1650 ( 2 were stud puppies)
$10 per puppy for Micro chips= $250
Average  for Vaccines ($250)
Bleach, Newspaper and Laundry soap ( and we will not add the cost of electricity) $100 per litter
$22,500-2800 =$19700-eartrims=$17900-food=$17060-Microchips=$16810-vaccines=$16560-fees for new dogs=$14910-400 for OTHER stuff=$14,510

Made: $14,510
Spent: $44,100
Lost$ 29,590. . .
No wonder I don't live in a mansion! 

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