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*This page express TTS's views and opinions, based on numerous ear crops we have done, have helped people with and have seen gone awry.   We truly hope you will do your homework and research prior to having your pets ears trimmed. Feel free to Contact TTS About this page, we return all emails.

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Probably one of the most frequently asked questions:  "Should I trim my puppies ears?"  Most are surprised by my answer: NO. If you are not going to show in conformation there is no reason to trim ears.

Why "Yes" for conformation animals?

The ugly truth is: it's near impossible to finish a dane with natural ears.  
Has it been done? YES.
The numbers of success are low, though they are growing yearly.
Many dane breeders are not breeding for correct set ears, they must be uniform and correctly set for the ears to lay were they should.
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PRO's AND CON's to ear trims:  

General info:
Ear trims should be done between 6 weeks and 12 weeks of age, the earlier they are done, the better success you have with the trim.
An ear trim is exactly that: trimming away of the flap on your puppies ear.
There are many different "styles" of trim, the longer and thinner the ear, the less chance of standing.

1) There is no natural breed of dog (referring to wild dogs such as wolf's, dingo's and such) that has floppy ears.  Floppy ears have an increased risk for infection.

2) Many danes will have problems with there ears getting cut or torn through the years. Erect ears lessons this from happening.

3) You want your dane to "look" like a dane.  I do not know how many times I have been asked if Daisy was a lab mix.  She is black and has natural ears, to me that is the only thing they have in common, but many people do not even realize that danes come in any color other then fawn, brindle or " them there polka dot" danes!
Fawn Great Dane

1) The ear trim must be performed under anesthesia, this does pose some danger to your pet so RESEARCH before just going to anyone.

2) Your puppy will be in pain.
This pain will be diminished by medication sent home by your veterinarian.                                 Merle Great Dane

3) Sedatives are a must. If you so not use them, you may have many problems including a puppy that continuously pulls there rack down, rips out stitches and is in increased pain.
This will also result in your returning to your veterinarian on numerous occasions, paying exam or roll fee's that could have been avoided. Sedatives will also make it harder to house train your puppy, so be prepared for accidents.

4) Your puppies personality could be affected. Any traumatic experience during the early stages of adolescence can alter your puppies personality.

5) After care can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 1 year.
Ear care is tedious and if you are not up to the challenge you might as well not trim them.

6) The ears may or may not stand regardless of what you do. Your chances are greater for success if both parents ears were cropped and stood.

7) A Good ear crop will run you around $300 + after care.

TTS How to Roll an ear Page

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Now that you know the facts:

Brittmoore's phone number: 713-468-8253

Brittmoore Animal Hospital is a highly esteemed, full range veterinary hospital. They have been serving breeders across the United States for overMantle Great Dane 30 years. Brittmoore is a state of the art medical facility and reproduction miracle workers.  With semen banks, freezing facilities, and  over thirty years expertise in all breeding maters.  
There are 6  Doctors on staff at Brittmoore.
Dr. Dikeman (Aggie grad)  and Dr. Kampschmidt (Oklahoma GRAD)  are the owners and the driving force At Brittmoore.
Dr. Rieman is a wonderful addition hailing from the east coast, with years of experience in conformation and obedience, also the breeder and owner of many Champion Schipperke. Dr Mary Tatum , a local Aggie, was destined to end up at Brittmoore.  Harlequin Great Dane

Dr. Dikeman Cropped Cowgirl, Melody, Lilly, Deacon, and Morph.
Dr. Dikeman has been cropping ears for over 30 years. His crops can be found on some of the legends in many breeds. He crops ears Monday through Thursday.

Dr. Tatum cropped Shawnee, Walker, Titus, and Cinderella.
Dr. Tatum has been cropping years for many years. Not only is she an esteemed veterinarian at Brittmoore,  she is also breeder of Champion conformation  Golden Retrievers and  FC-AFC titled working Labradors. Dr. Tatum also minored in art. She crops ears Tuesday through Friday.

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