About TTS


Our foundation is based on health testing every single generation and making the best decisions we can based on Health, Conformation, Personality and Longevity. 

The majority of our testing is PENNHIP and OFA evaluation on hips.  We also use Thyroid, Heart and CERF (eye) testing to rule out other possible problems.  Though not perfect--we are using the tools available.

We follow all of our breedings  and ask that our owners remain in touch with us  so that we can track problems and make adjustments to our breeding program. 

We compete  conformation--AKC and IABCA  Many dogs we have bred are also active in obedience, Agility, Rally and we have had several therapy dogs and even a couple of Herding instinct certificates!

We are currently NOT breeding, we are enjoying a more  portable life style that is not conducive to breeding.

I am currently enjoying showing co-owned and grand danes. 


Truthfully The fastest way to get in touch with us is on Facebook


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Other Breeders we work with:


Pegasus Great Danes

Fawn and Black Danes

Redemption Great Danes


Dagmar Danes

Harlequin/Mantle and Fawn/Brindle


Fawn/Brindle  & Black/Blue

North Carolina:

Azal Great Danes

Black/Fawn and Mantle/Harlequin


TTS Great Danes, AKC Breeder of Merit

The Family:

Kymber and Mike  Tyner

Owned Danes since: 1998

First Breeding:  2001

Showing in conformation, obedience and agility since 2001

Colors bred: Harlequin/Mantle,  Black/Blue,  Fawn and other colors produced in these breedings.

OTHER experience: Over 17 years experience as a Veterinary Technician-including working at Gulf Coast Specialist and 7+ years with Brittmoore Animal Hospital in Houston Texas.

Favorite Color Dane: Blue

TTS (What does it mean?)

We started with black and blue danes (and came up with Shyner-- black and blue HA HA)  And then thought: We live in Texas, and our last name is Tyner.  So we named ourselves "Tyners Texas Shyner".   Well this was just too long.  So for a while we were "Tyners" finally we decided that "TTS" would be the best compromise.